100% Quality Guarantee

TonerFarm takes pride with the knowledge, technology and tools use on all products being offered. Our people are armed with their knowledge of every printing equipment and analytical skills. We have our Southern California-based facility, ran by technicians with years of experience working with printers and copiers. Our people know exactly what to do to optimize the performance and to ensure equipment quality of every machine that comes out of our warehouse. Each equipment is tested and parts replaced with original materials.

Printers and copiers run on a series of test for print quality evaluation. The same strict process applies to our replacement printer cartridges. Technicians check each item and run test prints for toner/ink density, coverage, and banding. In our packaging stations, we do a shipping environment simulation to test how well our cartridges can withstand rough handling usually associated with shipping and transportation.

Having our in-house manufacturing facility comes in handy when it comes with the compatible toner cartridges we outsource or import. Our quality control room is filled to the brim with printers of various models and configurations. A random print test is conducted on every batch of outsourced/imported compatible toner cartridges to guarantee consistently hiqh quality even on products that are not produced in-house.

TonerFarm guarantees that all machines and cartridges supplied are of the highest quality. Our standard in making these items is set to give 100% guarantee to work or we can replace the item if it fails. We recognize that from time to time a product may be found to be faulty or defective. Should you have a problem with any of our toner cartridges, call us. We will take care of the problem right away.

How can we make it easier for you?

  • 1 year replacement/refund
  • Prepaid return shipment
  • Free shipping on replacements