Xerox Canon Sharp Minolta
WorkCentre 5785/5890 Canon 8205/8295 Sharp MX 6500N/7500N Bizzhub Press C1060
WorkCentre 5945/5955 Canon 8505i/8595i Sharp MX 3071N AccurioPress C2060
WorkCentre 7845/7855 Canon C5535i/C5540i Sharp MX 3070N/4070N AccurioPress C2070
WorkCentre 7970 Canon C5550i/C5560i Sharp MX 5070N/6070N Bizhub Pro 1100
Altalink C8045/C8055 Canon IR C7570i/C7580i Sharp MX 5141N Bizhub Pro 951
Versalink C7025/C7030 Canon IR 6555i/6565i Sharp MX M905 Bizhub C659/C759
Xerox D95/D110/D125 Canon IR 3325i/C3330i Sharp MX M1204 Bizhub C368/C458/C558
Xerox C60/C70 Canon IR C5240/C5250/C5255 Sharp MX M904 Bizhub 808
Xerox C75/J75 Canon IR 6255 Sharp MX M654N/M754N Bizhub 364/454E/554E
Versant 80/180 Canon IR 4551 Sharp MX M365N/M565N Bizhub 654E/754E
RicohKonica MinoltaToshiba
Pro C8110SBizhub Press C1060E-Studio 8508A
Pro C5100SAccurioPress C2060 E-Studio 7508A
MP C6004AccurioPress C2070E-Studio 6508A
MP C3504/C4504Bizhub Pro 1100E-Studio 5508A
MP C8003/C6503Bizhub Pro 951E-Studio 7506AC
MP C6003/C5503Bizhub C659/C759E-Studio 6506AC
MP 9503Bizhub C368/C458/C558E-Studio 5506AC
MP 7503Bizhub 808E-Studio 5005AC
MP 4055/5055Bizhub 364/454E/554EE-Studio 4505AC
MP 5054/3054/2554Bizhub 654E/754EE-Studio 3505AC


Single Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder2 Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder
GBC Advance Punt % Interface ModuleBooklet maker finisher
Integrated Fiery for Xerox C60?C70Exteral fieries with stand, monitor, keyboard